Biking Expert Reveals: Every Self-Respecting Cyclist Must Have This One Device

Throw your hand pump out the window, and increase your safety on the road or on the trail by 300% he adds.

Published: August 19, 2021

Minneapolis, MN - “What happened?” These are the first words I stuttered after a stranger found me lying on the ground with a head injury.

As it later turned out, it took an entire hour for somebody to pass by and find me…which was kind of a miracle because it was an isolated bike trail.

Due to the head trauma, I vaguely remember the details of the accident…

The last thing I remember is being thrown over the handlebars of my bike when my front tire popped in a curve.

The momentum took me all the way over, and life passed by right in front of my eyes, before I slammed my head on the rocky ground and passed out.

Lucky for me, I was wearing a helmet.

But if I didn’t, I know for a fact that my injury would’ve been much worse.

While treating my head injury, the paramedic said: “You could’ve died without a helmet.”

I couldn’t help but nervously smile. I realized that on that day, I “cheated” death and “only” suffered a minor fracture to the back of my head.

When I got home later that night, I gave my wife and my two daughters the biggest hug.

I don’t want to find out what they’d do if daddy didn’t make it.

I Could’ve Prevented My Bike Accident By Doing This

Here’s the most ridiculous part about this whole situation:
But I’m not alone…statistics show that most people almost never check their tires.

Usually, I do a good job checking my bike tire pressure. But as it so happened, before that tragic bike trip, my hand pump broke while I was trying to pump my front bike tire.

“Ahh, it’s ok. It’s just a bike tire” I thought to myself, half-heartedly squeezing the tire with my hand and thinking the pressure was enough to get me through the trail.

Now that I look back at it, I realize I should’ve never rode my bike without being absolutely sure of the tire pressure.

But you know, it’s one of those things we don’t take seriously…

Until it’s too late and something bad happens.

Hand Pumps Are Outdated, And Frustrating To Use

Of course, I wasn’t going to let that accident stop me from getting back on the trail.
But I knew I had to find a better option than manual hand pumps…

Something that easily checks and pumps my bike tire, on the go.

I mean, have you ever realized how incredibly annoying hand pumps are?

You need at least 100 strokes to pump up a standard bike tire…at least 150-200 strokes if it’s a solid mountain bike tire. (maybe even more if the tire is completely flat)

That’s if you have a strong hand pump, and you can back it up with decent arm strength. If you can’t, you’ll be in for a treat every time you want to use your bike. Plan at least 10-20 minutes extra.

Then there are the valves. Bicycles have two types of valves: schrader and presta valves. The first kind is most commonly found on road bike tubes and wheels, while schrader valves are used for mountain bike tubes.

But what many don’t know is that hand pumps generally don’t work for both valves. You need custom attachments, or a different pump altogether.

I’m sorry but I don’t want to be spending 10-20 minutes to pump an MTB tire.

I want it to be an effortless process that will get me on the street fast and safe.

After hours of research, I was about to give up.

Until I came across a portable air pump called the Airmoto.

What Is Airmoto?

Airmoto is a compact, rechargeable and portable air pump that works on bikes, cars, ATVs and other inflatables.

Visit the official website

When you turn it on and connect the air hose to your tire, you will see the current pressure reading on the large LED display screen.

It’s rated up to 120 PSI, meaning it can easily inflate multiple bike and car tires on the go.

According to the company, the Airmoto is versatile enough for:

✅Bike Tires

✅Car Tires

✅Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes

✅Inflatable Tubes

✅Basketballs, Footballs and Soccer Balls.

✅Golf Carts, UTVs and ATVs

✅Lawn Mowers and Small Tractors

✅Pool Toys

✅And much more

Wow, I thought! Sounds pretty powerful…

But the natural skeptic in me needed to find out more before committing to it.

After all, we all know how unreliable these techy gadgets can be.

After Ordering, I Put The Airmoto To Test

When the Airmoto arrived at my doorstep, I unpacked it immediately.

First thing I noticed is how sleek the design is, and how sturdy it feels in my hand. It definitely didn’t feel low quality, unlike other hand pumps that feel like cheap plastic.

The first test was of course on my 29” Specialized Trail 5 mountain bike with custom tires.

Using one of the custom attachments for schrader valves, I connected the Airmoto to my bike tire and turned it on.

After I saw the pressure (which was low because I intentionally let out some air for this test), I pressed the button and it immediately started pumping my bike tire.

After just 60 seconds, I was done! My tire now had a 45 PSI which is perfect for mountain bikes on the trail.

Could it really be this easy? I was so used to doing frustrating hand pump strokes before each bike trip. This almost seemed too good to be true.

The next test was on my car. Could the Airmoto hold up?

Again, after connecting it, I turned it on, read the PSI and pressed the button to start pumping.

This time it took about 2 minutes until my car tire was fully pumped with 35 PSI.

I was astounded. My life was about to get much easier.

Even my wife gave me that smirk, because she knew how much I loved techy gadgets that are actually helpful, not just fancy.

Why I Got More Than One Airmoto

Needless to say, I immediately went online and ordered a few Airmotos for every car and bike we own, and for inflatables around the house.

It’s a life saver, I can’t believe I didn’t have one of these already.

So easy to use…

Step 1 - Press the power button and set the desired PSI.

Step 2 - Attach the hose to your tire and press the main button to start Airmoto. It will immediately begin inflating your tire to the correct PSI.

Step 3 - Once the correct PSI is reached, the Airmoto will shut off automatically, meaning you can start it, set it down and get back to what you were doing before-hand.

Oh, and by the way, Airmoto works just as well for city and road bikes.

That’s Great, What Does It Cost?

The Airmoto has saved us over $1,000 in tires, time and headaches.

Let’s face it, no one wants to stroke a manual hand pump. It’s annoying and outdated.

And when it comes to cars, no one wants to fork over a lot of money to buy a commercial tire inflator. Just to get one of those you’d have to spend well over $300 but more like $400 or $500.

What’s not convenient are those devices required to be plugged for power. Until Airmoto, I was not aware of such a compact and portable tire inflating pump until I learned of the Airmoto on that trip.

It normally retails for $129 + Shipping. When compared to the cost of a mechanic shop, towing service or needing to buy new tires earlier than necessary… it truly is a no-brainer! Not to mention, it is so inconvenient to go down to a gas station just to get air for your tires.

UPDATE: As of today, the Airmoto is 40% OFF. The Sale price is only $79.00 and FREE SHIPPING.

The time, money and stress the Airmoto alleviates is well worth it.

Having an easy way to check and fix your tire pressure solves one of the biggest problems we have when owning a bike and a car.

Perfect when preparing for road trips, emergency situations and never asking yourself…

Where can I check my tire pressure? How do I fix the tire pressure? Can I find a gas station pump?

Now you can have a powerful, portable air pump of your own!

$79.00 is a great deal knowing these problems will be solved for good.


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    Jason Bowde

    If this really works as good as this article says, that would be an awesome thing to get. Has anyone bought one of these things? 🤔

    Reply 1 26m
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      Xavier Chavez

      My wife got me one for a birthday give a month ago, I was skeptical too but this thing really works great. It's not like the cheap crap you typically see being advertised.

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        Mike Thompson

        I bought a couple and really like them. Beats having to go to the gas station.

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        Sarah Jonesly

        wow I really need one of these my tires get low often especially during winter.

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        Jeffrey Storben

        I saw this on YouTube looks like it works really good I think my golf cart could use this haha

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        Paul Ronsfield

        Just ordered 2 will update everyone later but seems like its really well built. This will be great for going on trails with my bike.

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        Jenni Parker

        Looks pretty easy to use, I bet a woman created this 😂 just sayin

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