Clean Up Any Mess In No Time!

Hate the hassle of getting the bulky hoover and lug it from room to room? Who doesn’t? Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up dust and dirt with the Airmoto Mini-Vac…

Published: August 25, 2021

Can A Vacuum Cleaner Be Lightweight & Powerful?

❌ Tired of dragging the heavy vacuum cleaner up the stairs

❌ Sick of tangling cords always in your way while vacuuming

❌ Fed up with vacuum that do not get the dog hair from your car

Then you’re going to love Airmoto Mini-Vac!

✔️ Lightweight and portable. Clean without hurting your arm!

✔️ Dry and wet Vacuum. Clean a messy spill in no time.

✔️ Hold up against the most vindictive pet hairs.

While we enjoy a clean and tidy home, we don’t want to work hard to achieve it!

Cleaning takes up too much time…. time that could be better spent on doing other tasks or simply relaxing with your loved ones.

That’s why Airmoto Mini-Vac was designed with you in mind!

This portable vacuum cleans up quick messes on-the-go without having to lug around heavy and cumbersome pieces of equipment.

Dusting furniture and other small objects don’t have to be hard anymore.

Airmoto Mini-Vac is great for vacuuming sofas and mattresses without breaking a sweat.

No more back pain or inconvenience when going from room to room or even worse walking up the stairs!

✅ Designed to quickly clean on-the-go messy situations.

✅ Less than 2.4lbs, as light as a bottle of water.

✅ No cords in your way. Don’t get tangled up!

✅ Designed to tackle hard-to-reach places effortlessly.

✅ Get into tight spots as well as large areas with the brush.

Airmoto Mini-Vac will leave your home and your car spotless.

Never pull out the extension cord again!

Airmoto Mini-Vac is perfect to vacuum your car!

Vacuum bumper to bumper, without hurting your arms.

Don’t waste your money with the vacuum cleaner at the wash center, Airmoto Mini-Vac will easily pay for itself, saving you time and money.

It’s also perfect for your RV or your boat, without taking much space!

No mess is too messy for Airmoto Mini-Vac!

The best vacuum cleaner to pick up hair, crumbs and dirt.

✅ Designed for great suction!

✅ Especially handy for cat or dog owners! Vacuum pet hairs effortlessly

✅ Great for picking up cat litter issues… without having to lug out the big vacuum!

✅ Clean dust on your ceiling fans and avoid that clumps to fling around!

✅ Easily cleans out sand from your car seats and dirt from the floor mat.

✅ Great for practical life cleaning with your toddler!

The best ally for your kitchen.

Whether it’s dry cleaning or … wet cleaning, Airmoto Mini-Vac is handy in any situation

Perfect for big spills and everyday accidents…

So much easier than getting out the broom and dustpan!

The best way to clean the countertop in the kitchen in no time.

A bag of oatmeal split open in the cupboard… no problem Airmoto Mini-Vac got you covered!

If your kids tend to spill Cheerios and other things on the floor, Airmoto Mini-Vac will simply make your life easier.

From small crevices to carpets, the most versatile vacuum cleaner!

Airmoto Mini-Vac comes with 3 attachments:

✅ A bristle-like brush to scrub carpets

✅ A narrow attachment to get in between smaller crevices

✅ A flexible tube for hard-to-reach places like air-conditioners and sides of car seats.

Never buy another filter again!

Airmoto Mini-Vac comes with a washable and reusable stainless steel filter.

After every use just throw the dust in the trash and wash the filter for reuse.

That’s it!

You won’t need to buy bags or filters anymore!

Surprisingly quiet

Don’t bother everyone while vacuuming in the living room! Airmoto Mini-Vac is quieter than most vacuum cleaners!

Airmoto Mini-Vac is easy to charge on any USB port. Just charge it anywhere, even in your car or your RV.

Airmoto Mini-Vac comes with a bag for neat storage and easy carry.

Internet-Only Offer! Limited Supplies!

Right now, we have limited supplies. Airmoto Mini-Vac is only available online.

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Already 854 5-Star Reviews…

What do our customers have to say about Airmoto Mini-Vac:

So powerful!!


“I was not expecting that much suction power from such a small handheld vacuum! This was definitely worth the money and I’m happy we got it before our big trip!”

-Nancy W. - Toledo, OH

Perfect for my car!


“I hate cords and just wanted something light and compact for my car. It works great for dirt and small debris on the floor mats and door jams. Easy to clean the filter and I love the compact size. Good value.”

-Phil B. - St. Louis, MO

Great little compact vacuum to have!


“Got this vacuum to have in my car since I have a bunch of kiddos and dogs that have not figured out how to clean up after themselves. “

-Bryan H. Modesta, CA

Best Hand Vac Ever!


“I was not expecting that much suction power from such a small handheld vacuum! This was definitely worth the money and I’m happy we got it before our big trip!”

-Nancy W. - Toledo, OH

Heavy Hitter!


“This hand vac has some serious suction power! Great suction, nice attachments and lightweight. Would make a great gift!”

-Harriet C. - Fort Wayne, IN

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