Retired Engineer Saves Family Golf Trip With Handy Smart Gadget That Took Less Than 5 Minutes

PLUS: I’ll Never Be Caught Unprepared Again Thanks To A Kind Stranger Who Saved Me Thousands

Published: April 01, 2022

The short version - always be prepared so you don’t end up stranded.

Without a doubt, I am AFRAID OF BEING STRANDED. Maybe it’s a phobia or some leftover trauma from my childhood. Either way, nothing is more nerve-racking than being STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE miles away from any town - without even a gas station in sight.

Recently, I turned 62 years old but I still remember my dad lecturing me about how important it is to take care of your vehicle. You know… getting the oil changed, tire rotations, proper maintenance, and all the basics you need to learn as a new driver freshly out of high school.

One of the Easiest Things To Overlook

Let’s be real for a moment that IT’S NO MYSTERY most of us have not managed our tire pressure the right way. Of all the items on the maintenance checklist, this seems like one of the easiest but it’s actually overlooked the most.

EVEN THOUGH, we know that it makes driving more DANGEROUS, damages your tires causing you to spend thousands of dollars to replace them more often, puts a lot of stress on your suspension, and in some cases causes expensive repairs to other parts of your car.

Not to mention, statistics show it increases your risk of being in an accident.

I will be completely honest, I was 17 years old when I first started driving and until recently, I never felt very comfortable checking my tires or trying to inflate them myself. I tried a few times but I just knew that I wasn’t doing it right.

My husband, who is the handyman around the house is usually the one who handles these things. BUT even he many times has forgotten to check the tires before we head out on a family road trip.

You know how it is when you finally load up all of the kids and grandkids, and stuff everything else into the car, we want to be on the road, and the excitement is intense so spending all morning on a car inspection has sometimes been overlooked.

Of course, we should have done the basics like check the oil and double-check our tire pressure - but we did not.

I totally forgot to check in advance

The whole family decided to jump on the road a couple of months ago for an exciting family vacation. Since we live in Texas, we were looking to enjoy the nice ocean breeze, warm sandy beach in Florida, and get a few rounds of golf in!

The trip started out fine, my husband took the first half of the drive, and all of the kids were glued to their phones and tablets, playing games and the usual. The weather was perfect for a road trip – and we were all looking forward to relaxing by the pool!

Maybe around an hour and a half into driving, we saw one of those warning signs telling us the next stop for gas was far away… and we had no worries our gas tank was still very full.

“45 miles after the sign, it began…”


From now on, I will always carry one of these.

Not long after that sign, maybe 45 miles, that’s when something started to happen. My husband has this odd look on his face and says:

“The car is not handling right, I think our tire has gone flat”

I didn’t know what to say, remembering the sign from earlier and knowing we did not have a spare tire! That’s when I began to panic.

And geez… good thing we stopped, we nearly had a blowout!


Frustrated, we started to discuss our options. Continuing to drive was way too dangerous and we recently canceled AAA after having not used it even once in 4 years!

We finally decided we should call a tow truck — it seemed like the obvious choice. We knew the cost would be over $300 and it would take them several hours to arrive. But what else could we do?

Maybe 10 minutes passes, and a kind man close to our age pulled up in a Toyota Camry to ask if we needed help.

“Hi there, just checking if everything is ok or if you need help?”

My husband explained that our tire was almost completely flat and did not have a spare tire. Because we had a towing service on the way, we just told him everything was ok.

“Oh! Well no need to worry, give me a moment and I can help get you back on the road.”

We had no idea what he was going do get… really, we had no clue.

What he pulled out of his glove box was amazing…

When he opened his glove box and pulled out this simple little device, the “Airmoto” he referred to it… He saw it online and bought one a few months. He’s already used it himself and has helped several others as well!

He connected it and checked the tire pressure, our tire had dropped to a dangerously low 18 PSI now. He was very confident and told us to cancel the tow truck, the Airmoto will inflate the tire back up to 35psi within minutes.

That was truly unbelievable, the gadget fit in his hands and was only about the size of a water bottle… he didn’t have some commercial air tank or big machine or anything special, it seemed impossible to think this little device would inflate a flattened tire, considering the weight of the car was still on the tire.

He told me this is where he bought it online here.

In less than 5 minutes it was fixed


It took just a few minutes to fix our low tire pressure.

Right away, he quickly screwed on the connection very easily (never lifting the car), just a click on the power button and the Airmoto started working. It sounded just like a powerful air pump but only smaller and much quieter. It did appear to be working so we just let him continue. In under 5 minutes, he glanced our way saying,

“That’s it, this tire is ready for the road. Be sure to inform the towing company they are no longer needed, you can start driving now! Let me go check your other 3 tires just to be sure they are good too.”

We couldn’t believe it, my husband decided to checked the tire multiple times and sure enough, it was at exactly 36 PSI, which is what our tires were rated for.

Wthin a few more minutes, this kind stranger had checked and adjusted every single tire to be exactly 36 PSI. Good thing too because the tire on rear passenger side was also quite a bit low at 26 PSI until he adjusted it with the Airmoto.

After having been stranded, we were FINALLY ready to get back on the road and we were so thankful to this stranger and that little device, which saved us in an emergency.

As soon as we began driving again, I looked up the product on my phone and quickly ordered 3 of them, so we now have one in each of our vehicles.

So, I imagine you are curious about…

What Is Airmoto?


Visit the official website

Airmoto is a compact, rechargeable and portable air pump that is so easy-to-use.

It’s a super powerful air pump but so small and portable. It comes with an air hose that is stored inside the device, along with several connectors to use for so many different items. When you turn it on and connect the air hose to your tire, you will see the current pressure reading on the large LED display screen.

Why I Got One for Every Car We Own


It’s a life saver, I can’t believe I didn’t have one of these already.

So easy to use…

Step 1

Press the power button and set the desired PSI.

Step 2

Attach the hose to your tire and press the main button to start Airmoto. It will immediately begin inflating your tire to the correct PSI.

Step 3

Once the correct PSI is reached, the Airmoto will shut off automatically, meaning you can start it, set it down and get back to what you were doing before-hand.

Airmoto Inflates Anything In Minutes


Visit the official website

It can do so much more, the Airmoto works on many more things than just car or truck tires.

It’s one of the only devices its size that can inflate up to 120 PSI, it’s the perfect tool to inflate bike tires perfectly, up to 120 PSI. That is impossible to do with a small hand pump.

Less than the size of a bottle of water, you can easily take it with you on a bike ride.


You can use Airmoto for so many things such as:

  • Basketballs, Footballs and Soccerballs.
  • Bike Tires
  • Car Tires
  • Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes
  • Inflatable Tubes
  • Golf Carts, UTVs and ATVs
  • Lawn Mowers and Small Tractors
  • Pool Toys
  • And much more

Now, you’re probably wondering…

That’s Great, What Does It Cost?


The Airmoto has saved me over $1,000 in tires, time and headaches. No one wants to fork over alot of money to buy an commercial tire inflator. Just to get one of those you’d have to spend well over $300 but more like $400 or $500.

What’s not convenient are those devices require to be plugged for power, Until Airmoto, I was not aware of such a compact and portable tire inflating pump until I learned of the Airmoto on that trip.

It normally retails for $129 + Shipping. When compared to the cost of a mechanic shop, towing service or needing to buy new tires earlier than necessary… it truly is a no-brainer! Not to mention, it is so inconvenient to go down to a gas station just to get air for your tires.

UPDATE: As of today, the Airmoto is 40% OFF. The Sale price is only $69.00 and FREE SHIPPING.

The time, money and stress the Airmoto alleviates is well worth it. Having an easy way to check and fix your tire pressure solves one of the biggest problems we have when owning a car. Perfect when preparing for road trips, emergency situations and never ask yourself… Where can I check my tire pressure? How do I fix the tire pressure? Can I find a gas station pump?

Now you can have a powerful, portable air pump of your own!

$69.00 is a great deal knowing these problems will be solved for good.


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    Jason Bowde

    If this really works as good as this article says, that would be an awesome thing to get. Has anyone bought one of these things? 🤔

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      Xavier Chavez

      My wife got me one for a birthday give a month ago, I was skeptical too but this thing really works great. It's not like the cheap crap you typically see being advertised.

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        Mike Thompson

        I bought a couple and really like them. Beats having to go to the gas station.

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        Sarah Jonesly

        wow I really need one of these my tires get low often especially during winter.

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        Jeffrey Storben

        I saw this on YouTube looks like it works really good I think my golf cart could use this haha

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        Paul Ronsfield

        Just ordered 2 will update everyone later but seems like its really well built. This will be great for going on trails with my bike.

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        Jenni Parker

        Looks pretty easy to use, I bet a woman created this 😂 just sayin

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