Strong Wifi All Throughout Our Home Keeps My Family Happy!

An Easy Solution for Problem Wi-Fi Does Exist!

Published: November 11, 2021


RangeXTD is a compact gadget that fits in the palm of your hand. By plugging it into any wall outlet within your home, you can effectively boost the range of your current router. He mentioned it had dual antennas built-in with a speed up to 300 Mbps (I wrote this info down). I have no idea how it works its magic, but Buddy was confident this is what I needed.

RangeXTD even comes with a LAN port, just in case I ever want to set up a network of wired computers.

Superior Wi-Fi with No Service Calls

I checked around and ended up ordering the RangeXTD products online. The price I paid was a lot less than some of the options the greedy ISP’s were offering. My package arrived within a few days.

I read the instructions that came with the RangeXTD (mercifully, they were concise and to the point). Then I plugged the devices in near the rooms with the worst coverage. I logged onto my laptop in the downstairs guest bedroom, otherwise known as “The Dead Zone.”

Setting up RangeXTD with my laptop was super easy, even for a not-so-technical guy like myself. I was so thankful I didn’t have to schedule a service call with my ISP. Those guys never show up when you want them to.

Thankfully, everything worked like a charm. I couldn’t get over it. I started streaming a movie right away. I even walked outside onto the deck while it was playing. No interruptions. I couldn’t wait for the kids to come home and try it out. That would be the real test.