The SafeAlarm is a personal, self defense siren loud enough to scare off any threat. Stay safe with the SafeAlarm

The Safealarm Brings You Safety, Protection & Peace of Mind

Published: November 11, 2021


Stay safe anywhere you go with The SafeAlarm. This sleek, compact and modern design keychain attaches to backpack, purse or keys for convenient and instant access. Pull the metal chain from device to sound 120 dB alarm & push the pin back in to stop the alarm. Millions of American women and children all over the country are now protecting themselves with a Safe Personal Alarm. Safe for children and a personal safety option for any age.


✅ Sleek, compact & modern design.

✅ Attaches to backpack, purse or keys for convenient, instant access.

✅ Comes as a set to share one with a loved one, or to keep on hand as a backup.


✅ 120 dB dual siren alarm helps call for assistance in an emergency and helps deter attacker.

✅ Commonly used by seniors as an alert device to call for help in case of falling.

✅ Helps defend against kidnappings and abductions of young children and teenagers.


✅ Pull metal chain from device to sound 120 dB alarm.

✅ Push pin back in to stop sound and use again.

✅ No training or skill to operate, and can be used by anyone regardless of age or physical ability.